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Obama shifting climate strategy after GOP gains
(November 5, 2010)

Washington Post

Prospects for climate reform look grim as Democrats lose the majority in the House of Representatives. For the next two years, Democrats will be more likely push less ambitious legislation, promoting nuclear power, natural gas, electric cars and other climate change solutions independently of one another.

States, enviro groups: let EPA climate rules proceed
(November 3, 2010)

Redlodge Clearinghouse

After the failure of the climate bill in Congress earlier this year, activists and state governments are placing all their hopes for emissions reductions in EPA greenhouse gas regulations, scheduled to take effect in January. While industry has predicted devastating results, every state except for Texas has indicated that it will be ready to hand out permits by the beginning of 2011.

California Doubles Carbon-Offset Use in Cap-and-Trade Plan to Meet Targets
(October 29, 2010)


California has approved a plan to reduce the state’s level of carbon emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020. The severity of carbon taxes will be staggered over the next decade, with vulnerable industries paying fewer taxes than more robust ones. Medicine and aircraft producers will be required to reduce emissions by 70%, while other industries such as oil and gas extraction will not be required to limit their carbon footprint at all over the same period of time.



Climate Change Adaptation: What Federal Agencies are Doing
(November, 2010)

PEW Center

This report outlines the extent to which the federal government has taken a leadership role in organizing climate change adaptation. It examines its ability to set national standards and its capacity to work with communities to execute them. Although it is not a comprehensive list, it offers some of the highlights of the federal government’s role in mediating climate change adaptation.


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