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Big catches mask dwindling numbers of sea bass

(October 3, 2011)

Los Angeles Times

A study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego blames overfishing and warmer temperatures for a 90% decrease in kelp bass and barred sand bass in Southern California.  The fish aggregate in the same half-dozen bustling offshore spawning grounds each year, allowing sporting boats to still keep their catches high by targeting the grounds.

With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors

(October 1, 2011)

New York Times

Scientists have just recently determined that forests have been absorbing more than a quarter of the human-produced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, enough to account for all of the planet’s vehicle emissions.  The climate change that they are helping to limit, however, is threatening them on very large scales, from climate change induced drought, fire, insect outbreaks, and stress.  Some of the forests that have recently died are not expected to grow back.  The article includes a video “The Forest for the Trees” about thinning forests in Arizona to combat large fires and climate change (accompanying Green blog, Chopping Down Trees to Save Forests) as well as a link to an interactive map of the planet’s changing forests (click on image below):


The Solyndra saga and its key players

(September 30, 2011)

The Washington Post

Solyndra, a solar manufacturer backed by more than a half billion dollars in federal loan guarantees, filed for bankruptcy and shut its doors in August, 2011, putting 1,100 workers out of a job and leaving federal taxpayers on the hook to repay the guarantees.

Grim predictions say 9 more years of Texas drought possible

(September 29, 2011)


A Texas state Climatologist draws similarities between the current drought and past multiyear droughts like what was seen in the 1950s, based on long-term weather patterns and tree-ring patterns.


Science Supporting the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Using Wood and Wood Products in Green Building Construction (pdf, 212 kb)

USDA Forest Service

This USDA report compiles peer-reviewed scientific studies to explain the environmental and economic benefits of using wood for new construction and recommend 3 initiatives to increase the use of wood in building materials.

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