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Time to Invest in Our Green Infrastructure

(February 9, 2011)

Care2 Blog

While the President begins an exciting new approach to jumpstarting the American Economy by investing in clean energy, health care technology, and education, this blog looks at a important missing link.  Creating resilient wildlands in the natural green infrastructure is critical step in building an overall resilience in a green energy economy, yet the current plan places little emphasis on it.

Growth of Wood Biomass Power Stokes Concern on Emissions

(February 10, 2011)

Yale Environment 360

The burning of biomass has been touted as a renewable, carbon-neutral way to produce energy; this report takes a close look at that claim, examining the time frame and steps necessary for neutrality to be achieved.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Announces Grant Opportunity for Biomass

(February 14, 2011)

In a 2/14 news release, Oregon Governor Kitzhaber has announced a new grant opportunity program: the Oregon Forest Products Energy Project.  This project is a collaborative effort between Oregon Department of Energy, Business Oregon, Oregon Department of Forestry and Energy Trust of Oregon.  The project is meant to promote efficient use of biomass for renewable energy production while strengthening businesses, promoting forest health, and creating jobs.  Existing local forest product companies in Oregon can compete for these grants to evaluate the feasibility of using biomass for renewable energy production in Oregon’s forest products industry.


UCS Releases Report on Climate Impact of Pasture Beef

(February 4, 2011)

National Sustainable Agriculture Association

The Union of Concerned Scientists have released a report on the climate impact of the US beef industry titled “Raising the Steaks: Global Warming and Pasture-Raised Beef Production in the U.S.”.  According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Association “Beef cattle and stored cattle manure are responsible for eighteen percent of US methane emissions, which has 23 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide emissions.”  Beef also produce nitrous oxide, which has 296 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide.  The UCS makes policy recommendations to help beef producers make more climate-friendly choices.  The report, along with a discussion and further introduction can be downloaded from the Union of Concerned Scientists webpage, or connect directly here:

Full Report

Executive Summary


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Topys-Turvey Weather:  US Is Frigid, and Arctic Warmer Than Usual

(January 25, 2011)

Recent temperature anomalies are being linked to climate change.  In the north, Canada and the arctic are 15-20 degrees above normal, while Atlanta is shoveling snow.  In less populated areas, local high-pressure anomalies are setting new records daily: Canada Sees Staggering Mildness as Planet’s High Pressure Record is Obliterated.

House Energy and Commerce EPA Bill To Be Unveiled In a Month

(January 24, 20110)

In Congress, the battle to limit the power of the EPA and new clean air regulations continues.  Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are working on a bill which will suggest a broad indictment of EPA’s climate authority.  The bill is expected to be unveiled in the next 4-6 weeks.

Director of Policy on Climate Will Leave, Her Goal Unmet

(January 24, 2011)

The White House coordinator for energy and climate change policy, Carol Browner, will be leaving the administration shortly with her major goals unmet.  She was originally charged with directing efforts to enact emissions-reducing legislation that moved away from fossil fuel dependence.  With that effort foundered last year, and new climate change legislation unlikely in the next 2 years, she is moving on in the face of new Republican strength in Congress.

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